Uncommon, unrestrained

We listen. We think. We invent. We inspire.

Our nimble team stays true to what we love … storytelling.

Although we have varied backgrounds and perspectives, we share a bond of undying passion to discover why you ultimately matter. We not only want the world to hear your brand story … we want them to feel it. Because it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you make everyone feel.

We are eternally optimistic, but skeptical. Fearless, but measured. Whimsical, but realistic.

For us, it’s about passion, guts and common sense. We love the extraordinary, because extraordinary is something worth talking about. Boring always fails.


Work directly with our experts to craft and share an out-of-this-world brand story.

Bryan LeMonds
Founder & Brand Orchestrator

Known for breaking a few rules, Bryan has built a national reputation for being a traditional brand and public relations anarchist. After leading roles at some of the region’s most successful agencies like BVK, Euro RSCG PR, Padilla Spear Beardsley and Carmichael Lynch, he took his talents to his own company, so he could orbit around the idea he knows is key: storytelling. He’s been the creative thinker behind the most timeless global brands, and his boutique firm has consistently built measurable success for some of the nation’s most envious companies.

Jared Stewart
Director of Brand Journalism

Jared helps take Moon Landing’s big ideas to the next level: onto screens and pages around the world. He’s also a data-driver who can A/B test an email into double-digit boosts. He started as an intern nearly a decade ago, cutting his teeth alongside some of the business’s best.

Shea Higgins
Chief Story Engineer

The agency’s internal “Head of All Things Smart,” Shea not only loves stories, she loves the psychology behind what sells them. With previous digital agency leadership in content and UX, plus years spearheading bold marketing for nonprofits and small businesses, she brings a variety of analytic skills to the table — all connected by an unwavering human-first lens. Her background is rooted in journalism, so she knows how to narrow in on a hook, too.

Steve Piehl
Director of Account Services

There’s a theme to Steve’s career … From his role in creating the Harley Owners Group, to his leadership in launching a brand experience for Harley-Davidson’s 1st electric motorcycle, it’s ALWAYS about the customer. In his 35 years with Harley-Davidson, Steve led a team of 50+ staff members in a variety of marketing and business development roles. Creating the Harley Owners Group earned him a spot in the Sturgis Museum’s Hall of Fame, and he also led the team that created H-D’s first website.

Why “Moon Landing”?

Because when President John F. Kennedy was visiting NASA headquarters during the great race to the moon, he asked one of the men there what he did there at the station. Without hesitation, the man replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon!”

That man was the janitor — and he believed in his mission. He knew the true value of what he was working toward. That’s the kind of mission we fuel.

Unlike conventional creatives, ever-churning ideas and slopping them against the wall like spaghetti, we tie everything we do to your brand’s single undeniable truth, continually reinforcing a message so it resonates powerfully, purposefully, and passionately.

Plus, we get a kick out of all the space puns.

Ready for launch?